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3D Hexagon Mirror Stickers (Golden 12 pcs)

3D Hexagon Mirror Stickers (Golden 12 pcs)

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  • Made of Acrylic material with a smooth surface and good texture, creating a good mirror effect.
  • Extremely lightweight and shatter-proof.
  • The high-quality protective film and strong front and back adhesives prevent scratching, ensuring you get clean and smooth mirror stickers.
  • Easy to install and remove, allowing you to design in any way you want.
  • Non-toxic, non-friable, environmental protection, and anti-corrosion in nature.
  • Clear and reflective as a glass mirror, but not sharp and fragile.
  • Best work on flat and smooth surfaces.
  • Ideal for gifts and crafts, business gifts, holiday gifts, promotion gifts, and home decorations.

Product Features:-

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Strong adhesive stickers
  • Elegant wall look
  • Premium quality
  • Dimensions: 10.5cm x 12.1cm
  • Incredible gift idea
  • Suitable:- Painted, ceramic walls, even glossy walls, tiles, frosted glass, plastic, plain wooden surface, laminates, distemper wall any smooth surface not suitable for bumpy, grainy surfaces, oily surfaces, wet walls, or texture. It's not just for walls and can be used on smooth, flat surfaces and DIY Projects.

How to stick these stickers?

  • Clean the surface properly. 
  • Remove the white sticker from the back and put it on the wall.
  • Press tightly and then peel off the protective film from the mirror sticker.

Ideal for decorating a home office, living room, bedrooms, kids' room, drawing room, nursery hall room, office wall, ceilings, children's room Bathroom.

These wall mirror stickers provide a clear reflection and a modern look to your wall.

Limited Stock Available. Hurry and let your family and friends know how creative you are. Order now!!!

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